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How We Got Here

Since 1985, Coach Cason has personally guided the recruitment of hundreds of student-athletes all over the world to collegiate programs all across the country. As a former college track and field/cross country coach, Cason has always used his "Old School" style to make sure each recruits family knew if their child committed to his university or college, he would take care of them and treat them like family.

I have always wanted to make sure the student-athletes I recruited were good fits for our program, coaching style and our universities academic requirements. Our most important role as a college scout is to find the perfect college for each of our student-athletes. Scholarship money is very important, but the right fit is more important for the student-athletes long term success.

By utilizing our large network of contacts developed over 40 years and our innovative recruiting methods and customized game plans are tailored to each family. Our student-athletes are consistently ahead of their competition and in position to reach their goals. Our team of scouts have spent literally decades as advocates for student-athletes. We provide structure to their recruiting process and utilize our vast network of contacts on the college level to get the job done for every family.

With Top Choice Scouting LLC, our recruiting expertise and "Old School" approach guarantees each student-athlete is able to optimize their collegiate options through scholarships, competition, and choice while taking advantage of the once in a lifetime opportunity of being recruited.

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